I've been sort of holding out doing my first post to make it special or something. Probably not going to happen, so best I just get on with it.

I have another LJ account that's been active for about 8 years, but finally decided to create another that's for me rather than for appearances, if that makes sense. It's not a sock account, I won't be linking back to my original journal, but mostly because I know a lot of people in RL from my other journal and I'm trying to keep that separate from here. I'm stupidly ashamed of what they'd think of me if they knew that I read the amount and kind of fanfiction that I do and I'd like to be able to actually join some communities that share my interests without being judged.

I probably won't update here all that much, god knows the other account doesn't get a lot of action either. Who knows, maybe I'll start up writing again, or at the least, repost some of my old writing.

Anyway, hi.